Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Sign Samples, owls and details on yummy apple butter!

So I have been working on some sign samples for a Christmas Card making ladies night I am hosting next week with a friend of mine, Ami!  I am really looking for simple hang out time but also hope to have a few folks interested in what I really love to do.... PAINT.

Here are just a few samples.... some are not completely finished (need their hanging materials) but I am slow on the computer and thought I would at least post what I do have.

This is my friend's dad's sign----- has two hooks on the back for hanging on the wall ($15)

Door Knob Signs ($8)

Christmas Signs ($8)

Wall Hanging (great by the kitchen table) ($10)

Wall Hanging (not finished, has hole for wall hanging)  ($10)

My owls are almost finished----- going to hang with brown material  ($15)

My MERRY CHRISTMAS mantel sign ($15)

Sorry this one is cut off.. another large sigh ($15)

Last but not least---- I have a batch full of yummy apple butter that was just canned. I will be posting pictures of them as well.  Selling them for $4.50 each (come with old fashion clothe decor!)

Back to the "art room"/cold garage... ha!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely Amanda, Bravo!